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Seasonal RV Sites.

Under the dirt is our fresh new grass and trees.

Freshly mowed grass.
third mowing. Ready to move in.

Welcome to all the new Family's that are going to call this there summer home for the season.

I just know you will fall in love with this part of the world and all  the people that share it with us

Welcome to the Family. 

 PaulBunayn put in lines, so you have the option of getting cable TV, net and phone at your camper. This can be turned off at the end of season with a small monthly fee. The set up and monthly bill is between you and Paul Bunyan you can look into it by going to www.paulbunyan.com 

We have a wonderful family of campers up here that I am sure you will love as much as we do.  Not to mention this beautiful part of the world we would like to share with you.
Give us a call.  


Still have 4 of our new sites open for next season.
New RV sites all ready for campers.

No Campers older the 2000 unless already here.
    I am sure you will fall in love with our part of the world.

We have a wonderful seasonal family. All ages from family’s with young children, to Retirees that all love the outdoors and the area. Fisherman and hunters alike that you will meet and find yourself missing them once the season is done. We have fish fry’s, camp fire hoppers, and a great 4th pot luck that every one gets involved with. A great family place where you dont have to worry about your little ones. They will be playing with all the other kids, doing crafts at the lodge, swimming, paddled boating or just splashing in mud puddles as kids do.

This is a fun safe place for you and your family.

Seasonal Contract   2017

Deposit of $600 is due October 1st of each year to hold your site for the following year and will apply to the seasonal rent. Season rent must be paid in full by April 1st, which is the start of the camping season.  Late payment will incur a $50 a month late charge and after 3 months will be charged the camping fee of $400 a month. All fees and bills must be paid before removal of the trailer from resort property. If you decide some time after October you dont want to stay for the next season, your deposit is not refundalble and you will be charged a $50 fee per month the trailer is left here for loss of addvertizing and storage.

Until we can provide meters for all sites, the following procedure will be used for electric fees for all RV sites.  Electric is $30 a month if you leave it plugged in continuously.  This is only to keep your  refrigerator on, not your A/C. If you leave your air conditioners on when you leave for the week or are staying for more then two weeks at a time, it will be $40 a month. If your trailer is only plugged in on weekends that you are here, It will be a $5 for the weekend for electricity.

When using your camper in the winter you will be charged $10 for a weekend or $25 for a week to offset the extra electric. To be paid at time of stay. You may not have water at your site, but you can use one of the frost free hydrants. Please do not leave hose connected to the hydrant unattended. The shower house is heated all winter for your use.(most winters)  If you call ahead to let us know you plan to come up, we will snowplow to your site for you. Donations for the time and gas are apprecaited. Thanks.

Your site fees will be set up for a single family (Mom, Dad and the kids under 18yr.) and 2 guests in your RV. A guest is someone not listed on your contract as the single family. Additional guests staying longer than 4 hours must be registered and will be charged $10 per day .   Tents set up on your site are $25 a day for 4 people or $100 for the week.

All site tenants and guests will have full use of docks, canoes, paddle boats, shower house, fish cleaning house, horse shoe pits, volley ball net, play grounds, activities and the lodge with all its games, computer, books, and puzzles. We have free WIFY for all the campers and cabins. 

You are allowed one boat dock slot and storage. Boats are not to be left at the docks at the end of your stay. Please label or tag with site # on your boat trailer and any other trailers you have stored at the resort. Your site comes with storage for one trailer. Additional trailer storage is $100 for the year and is due in October with your deposit.  When you pull your trailer out, please park it back in a mowed area if there is room. This way we can keep the tree line looking nice.  

Please be respectful of others and their yard space. Please stay out of the yards of rented cabins. The beach and launch area is open to every one to share.  Please stay out of the horse fence and watch the children around the electric wire. We are not responsible for any injuries, accidents due to feeding the horses, free pony rides or being around the horses. 

Pets must be kept under control and not allowed to run unattended and kept in your sights at all times.  Pets must have current tags and shots up to date. If we have loose dogs running around the resort these rules will change to the leashed at all times rule. No excessive barking.  If you are leaving your dog for a time, please put him in your camper. You must clean up after your pet.

You must keep current license tags on your unit.  Each camper must maintain his own property, along with casualty and liability insurance coverage. We need a copy on file. All tenants must supply the owners with a labeled key to your camper and out buildings. This is only in case of emergencys and will not be used unless you have been notified. 

You are responsible for leaving your site in order. Please keep things put in their place and close to the camper so we can get around on the lawn mower. Please keep all planters and yard ornaments to a minimum and at least 6 ft apart to allow for mowing.  Any weed whacking and trimming around your camper or yard is your responsibility.  Any sheds must have prior approval, be 10ft away from camper and be nicely built and maintained. We do not allow additions to trailers other then those that are already here. Decks need prior approval and must be nicely built and maintained.

10 Miles per Hour speed limit on all ATV’s and Scooters & gulf carts riding on the resort grounds, this includes to the end of the drive ways. All recreational riding is to be off the resort property. ATV parking is on the island in front of the boat landing. Vehicle Parking is by the fish house.  


Dixon Lake Resort

Dixon Lake Resort or the Christensen’s will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries to you, your family or any guest of yours while at the resort, in your RV, on your ATV, deck or addition, on or near the horses or pony, at the lodge, in a cabin, in the lake, on the docks, paddle boats, swim dock, canoes, kayak or fish cleaning house….
By signing the contract you are signing for you, your family, and any guest you may have on the resort as to not hold Dixon Lake Resort responsible for anything listed above or any thing asscated with the resort or the Christensen. Thanks you.


       Seasonal Contract For 2017    

        Lake Side Full Hook Up.    $1,750+elec 

        Lake Side/View W&E.       $1,650+elec 

        Full Hook Up RV Park.      $1,650+elec 
We also support the Dixon Lake Association witch does a lot to govern our area lakes, and forest. The dues are $5 an adult and are paid yearly in April. Thanks for your support of this great organization. 


New RV sites. Still have some open.
New RV sites all ready for campers.
Full hookup and water & ele./only
Dixon Lake and the resort as viewed by Air.
huge 40 X 70 site
Camp Fire.
Camp Fire.
The Garden path.
A few of our campers have lovely gardens.
The Garden path.
A few of our campers have lovely gardens.
The Garden path.
A few of our campers have lovely gardens.