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Kids Crafts. Using nature, some yarn and a lot of imagination. Wow
Berch Wood Bears The cutest I have ever seen
We Love Kids at Dixon Lake Resort
Winter, Summer and Fall fun fun.
Always something fun to do here for the yung and not so yung.
Water fall garden.
The gardens at their peak. Enjoy, I do.
The soothing sound of the river just off the deck.
Beautiful   Garden with river running through it.
The River Garden is just out standing this year. Enjoy.
We Love Kids at Dixon Lake Resort
Solar garden lights make it even better in the evening.
Beautiful gardens
We Love Kids at Dixon Lake Resort
Winter, Summer and Fall fun fun.
Always something fun to do here for the yung and not so yung.


    At Dixon Lake Resort there are many things to do without leaving the property.  You can fish off the docks, swim on the beach or to our floating raft.  Enjoy a peaceful evening around a campfire or maybe a quiet ride on the paddle boat, kayak or canoe.  Don't want to get wet how about horseshoes or a walk along our scenic mile long drive way.  In the lodge you will find board games, puzzles, books, magazines, satellite TV, video games, pool table, bar/restaurant. 

4 wheeler parade, Play at the Beach.
Fun stuff to do at Dixon Lake Resort.
4 wheeler parade, Play at the Beach.
Fun stuff to do at Dixon Lake Resort.
Fun stuff to do at Dixon Lake Resort.

Kids Crafts.     Minow Races, Fishing Contest,
Paint your own Dixon Lake Tee Shirts Memrial day each year the caust is $10 per shirt.The only craft we charge for. Still love donations for the to feed the ponys.

 So Come and Join the Fun. With Nature all around us we believe in using what we find. The kids have a great time on our nature hikes where we find things to make something special for Mom and Dad. We make woodtekies, barksplendas, pinezoos, berch wood bears, bows & arrows, flower gardens, dream catchers and much more.  Some times bugs permitting we get Candy and her friends out for our pony rides. We always find fun things to do.   We do crafts at 4 on Saturday, and 4 on Tuesdays, and Thursdays make sure Karen knows you have childern in your party. And Listen for the bell.  


Annual July 4th Celebration on the Lake. 
2015 4th is on Saturday. Not fare for the cabins people.  
So what if we do the boat perade on Satuday the 4th and Fire works. Then all the kids activaties and horse shoes and potluck on Sunday the 5th????????? Just a thought. The 3nd annual parade will be  on 

Sunday the 5th of July at 4pm. ATVs, Gulf Carts, Scooters, Horses.  4th of July.

It is a wonderful time with friends, family, neighbors and our guest. You can come early and enjoy the festival or stay late if you have been with us all week. Just let us know. I will try and get out the flyers for you that have reservations for that time. I will also post it here.   

 Pig Roast, hot dogs and lemonade are supplyed by the resort and big pot luck (bring a dish to pass) so there is all kinds of food to enjoy. We do set up a donation jar to help off set the caust of the Pig and Fire Works.

Some of the activities that we have done in years past are:

Slip and slide set up all weekend.

Horse Shoe Tournament

Minnow Races
Gunny Sack Races

Soft Ball Tournament

Supper Soaker Wars

Huge pot luck with so much food 
Paddle Boat Races

Kids Fishing Contest

Boat Parade

And a grand Fire Works Show at Dusk.

This is just one of our many family get to gethers. We are just all one big family here that love eachothers company. 

We also have a pot luck on Saturday of Memorial weekend, Saturday on Laborday weekend and many others.
board games        pool table          internet access
video games         satelite T.V.      beer & set ups
bait                       photo's             fireplace                 
schwans                   toys              post cards
apparel                tackle               groceries
charcoal               batteries           tobacco
off sale                cameras            personal products
sandy beach           playground                    walking trails
horseshoes            floating raft                    fresh air   
badmitton              lounge chairs                   nature 
charcoal grill          picnic table                  fun                       
firepit chairs           lakeside swing set             sun
life jackets  -          bait buckets                          &  water
microwave       toaster       drip coffee maker
kitchen towels   bed linens     dish soap  
air conditioning      dishes   pots/pans utensils
  TP   soft water

Fishing right off the docks helps to keep us happy.
Fishing right off the docks helps to keep us happy.
Fishing right off the docks helps to keep us happy.

Arrival Time - AFTER- 3:00 pm 
Departure Time -BEFORE- 9:00 am 
Arriving before noon with approvel  for any reason is considered an early check in and We will bill you half a days rate. Before 3 is a $50 charge.  
House Keeping Cabins:  Cabins which are house kept by you, we appreciate those who leave them in or close to the state they were in on arrival. Thanks to all the quest that leave the cabins in nice order. We really do appreciate it.
    All reservations require a deposit per week rental...
$300. for all 2 bedrooms,
$500. for 3 bedrooms 
$600. for 4 bedrooms, 
due upon making your reservation. 
Rental of 2 or more cabins- we require payment in full 90 days prior to visit.
We hope you will not have to cancel but if you cancel before 90 days of your reservation date we will happily refund your deposit minus a $50 processing fee.  
 You are financially responsible for your entire reservation leaving early or coming late still holds the entire resrvation fee. 
Extra People:
 Ages...5 and under are always our guests.
 11 and under  - $15.00 / day - $75.00 / week
Age 12 and over  - $25.00 / day - $125.00 / week
 Day time visitors must register at lodge.
    $5.00 fee for day visitors.  Any visitor staying more than 4 hours will be charged as an extra person.
If you want to bring your pet/please follow these rules...
We need to know when making your reservation if you intend to bring your pet. 
  Pets are not allowed on the furniture or beds.  
Pets must be on a leash and cleaned up after and have all current shots. 
PET CHARGE  $20.00 / day or $100.00 / week per pet no matter what size they are,  No exceptions!  
Outside hunting dogs are $15 a day.

IF you wont to bring you horse to explore the trails in style. We can set up a 12x12 stall for each horse you bring. These will be set up away from our horses near water and shade. The charge is $30 a day or $150 for the week. I will leave a muck bucket for you. We do have hay you can buy for what I paid for it.

FIREWOOD ...do not bring wood with you!!  Because firewood can harbor insects and diseases that can kill trees, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and USDA Forest Service are asking you to avoid carrying firewood from one location to another.  When you move firewood, you could be introducing an invasive pest such as gypsy moth or emerald ash borer into a previously uninfested area.  Firewood is one of the major ways that tree pests are spread. Some of these insects can devastate our forests.”   To avoid bringing tree pests home, the agencies also urge you to recommend campers burn all their firewood before returning home. State and federal agencies are especially concerned about firewood this year because of two invasive insect species: gypsy moth and emerald ash borer. In addition to invasive insects, firewood can also harbor the pathogens that cause Dutch elm disease and oak wilt. Both diseases can be spread when insects carrying the fungal spores travel from infected firewood to healthy trees.
$10 a Wheel Barrel Load Behind the shop.


Sunset on the water

Just some of our Crafts. Fun Fun Oh So Fun.

Sunset on the water