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The Keepers.
Todd, Karen, Sammy, Emily Sharon, Roger & Dawn.
Family Photo. To include exended family.
The gang is all here.
Meet our family
Meet our family
The Dixon Lake Team
Meet our family
Meet our family
Sammy 13 in 7th grade. A honor roll loves horses.
Emily age 13 7thgrade. Loves horses and to cook.

The Christensen’s

Roger, Sharon, Todd, Karen, Samantha, & Emily and now Todd's Sister Dawn has joined the team.

Roger, Sharon, Todd, Karen, Samantha, & Emily
It all started when Todd was a youngster, Roger and Sharon took their family on vacation to different resorts from Iowa to Canada, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The Boys also went on hunting trips in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. It was always said around the campfire how great it would be to run a resort for a living.

After 30 years of working at John Deere’s in Waterloo, Iowa, Roger retired temporarily to Lansing. Todd was in the Air Force for 10 years. His job took him to Arkansas where he met Karen. They lived in Arkansas for a few years before moving to Lansing Iowa to start a Metal Stamping business with Roger & Sharon. The whole family ran high speed punch presses and got the factory to quite a prosperous business. Once there was an interest in a buy-out by one of our biggest customers, the dream came back. Lansing was very good to us and we will miss the area.
So in late 2006 we started the hunt for the perfect place to start our new life and found Dixon Lake Resort. In March of 2007 signed our names to this little jem of a place tucked away in the Chippewa National Forest of Northern MN. 
                We left the boonies for the sticks and are loving it.

We are the “Keepers” of the resort, because we understand that, in a very real sense, this magnificent get-away belongs, in a large part, to the families that travel here each year and find a period of peace, solitude and serenity. Our largest goal as The Keepers is to make this a place where every one can feel like family and have a trouble free vacation on our beautiful lake and enjoy all northern Minnesota has to offer.
We have been owners of this lovely place for going on 11years now. Loving every minute of it. It is a lot of work, and you never run out of things to do, You are never really done with anything. We get a few projects done here and there, but our guest are our priority.

    The people we have the privilege of meeting each year or season make it all so worth it. We have the best guest rather it be Rvers that are here each summer, or cabin guest. Cream of the crop I tell you. People that you are glad you have meet and are better for it. We hope that they go home with a smile, refreshed and with a skip to there step. 

The girls Sammy 15 9th grade and Emily 13 7th grade. They love all the friends they have made over the years. Its fun to watch them all grow up together.
      What a life they live being on the resort. There new best friend shows up every weekend. They have now become quite the helpers here at the resort. Cleaning cabins, mowing lawns, cooking and serving our guest in the winter, Sammy has even taken a few reservations all by her self. Once this winter someone asked Emily if she was sure she could do that, she answered "well I have been working here since I was 3". We all had a good laugh.

Thank you for visting.

From the Christensen's

Dixon Lake Resort.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or would like additional information about our facilities, rates, or availability, please let us know.

 Dixon Lake Resort
49442 Dixon Lake Resort Rd.
Squaw Lake, MN. 56681

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